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AAR Match 9
Autor Wiadomość

Wiek: 58
Dołączył: 28 Mar 2007
Posty: 67
Skąd: Yorkshire, England
Wysłany: Wto Maj 22, 2007 10:59 pm   AAR Match 9

Unit: 10.IO
Aircraft: N.24 bis.
Mission: Interception and ground attack

First Life

Blusterski took off and headed west as part of a large formation. The mission was to intercept the enemy bombers before they reached their target. The enemy was spotted and Blusterski moved to attack together with our other scouts. Two bombers were engaged. Blusterski, mediocre pilot that he was, found it very hard to make the repeated diving passes necessary to avoid rear gunner fire and yet still keep the circling enemy in view. About this time he was knocked unconcious for a while and missed part of this crucial fight ( Darn it! Guests chose that moment to arrive and I had to fly with one eye and one hand while greeting them and explaining why I had to be rude and ignore them!). On regaining control of his faculties somewhat he found himself with comrade Tenutz involved in a duel with a Polish Spad and a Fokker.

Blusterski took some hits in a head-on with the Spad and this knocked out his gun and damaged the engine. With no ammo left for the Lewis, Vickers gun out of action and smoking engine he managed to disengage and returned to base.

Re-planed and refuelled Blusterski took off in time to defend the drome from a bomber attack. The bomber was hit but managed to escape.

Blusterski then flew south to designated target area and with Vonmac attacked Polish troops and cavalry.

When all ammo was spent he returned to base and was re-armed. This time he carried a bomb and repeated his attack on the Polish ground forces. Unfortunately, during an over-zealous straffing run, Blusterski clipped the ground with his undercarriage and was severely wounded in the resulting ditch. ‘Stupid boy!’ his C.O. was later heard to mutter...

Second Life

I took off in the company of one of our bombers en route for Warsaw. Shortly, however, I was forced to rtb with technical difficulties (disco). Thanks for the speedy and efficient work of the ground crew (thank you Fatman) I was soon back in the air. In the time available I was able to deliver a bomb and some bullets to the Polish troops and returned to base just before the day’s end.


Comrade pilot Blusterovich

Deaths: 0
Ditches: 1
Claims, air: 2 Shared kills apparently! Though I didn’t see these go down myself they were reported later by our forward observers. ;-)
Claims, ground: Polish cavalry and infantry units damaged

I would like to say how very much I have enjoyed flying with you all over the past few months. Salute brave comrades and worthy opponents!

A big thank you to Lucas, Fatman and the rest of the WoP team for organizing this event for us! WTG chaps! It was great! Looking forward to the RS campaign!!
"More cheese Grommit?"

Wysłany: Sro Maj 23, 2007 5:33 pm   

Nice AAR Bluster:)
first flight
I had a very eventful frame 9. Took off with 3 2 seaters and 2 other scouts and headed for target area. Plan was to find and destroy polish 2 seaters, then on to the target to bomb.we did catch the enemy 2 seaters and 2 escorts.In the dog fight that followed I was able to help bring down a 2 seater, and a scout but took an oil and engine hit and had to rtb.I made it back and landed as my engine started to sound very rough.

Second sortie

Took-off trying to catch our bombers to cover them on return trip from their mission. I was jumped by a D3,(Ricky I think) . We had ourselves a nasty dog fight for about 5 minutes. Then the D3 broke away heading for our home field.He pulled steadily away and soon I had to give up the chase.Bluster tangled with a D3 near our base shortly there after. a bit later we shared a kill on Ricky( fun fight sir<S>). Low on ammo landed and re plane.

Sortie 3

Took off with a bomber (Lucas) headed south to a target area, think Lucas was after an armored Train. I attacked polish Cav units with some small success.Comrade Bluster also was giving the Cav units a working over.

Last Sortie Went on a sweep of our main target area hoping to spot some polish 2 seaters known to be in the area. I had no luck in locating these targets , so I headed home and landed as dusk was approaching .

Some Polish Cav units running for cover :)
no deaths

I cant tell you how much fun this was :) Thanks again for putting this event on. Wish I had seen it sooner.Salute to all involved .

Wiek: 58
Dołączył: 28 Mar 2007
Posty: 67
Skąd: Yorkshire, England
Wysłany: Sro Maj 23, 2007 10:02 pm   

Cheers Vonmac! :piwo:

You have better eyes/memory/AC recognition than me! Didn't notice that it was a D3 we were dueling! :lol:

"More cheese Grommit?"
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